Mrs. Udita Nabha vs Mr. Ranjeet Nabha on 16 June, 2023


The case of Mrs. Udita Nabha vs. Mr. Ranjeet Nabha, adjudicated on June 16, 2023, by the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, revolves around family court appeals and interim applications involving significant financial disputes and custodial matters. The hearing, presided over by Justices Nitin W. Sambre and Sharmila U. Deshmukh, aimed to address the claims made by the daughter and wife of the respondent.


Mrs. Udita Nabha, the appellant in the primary appeal (No. 232 of 2015), and Mr. Ranjeet Nabha, the respondent and appellant in a concurrent appeal (No. 216 of 2015), have been engaged in prolonged legal disputes. These disputes encompass financial claims and custodial issues, with interim applications filed by their daughter, Ms. Naia Nabha. The core of the conflict involves the operation of a significant financial account controlled by Mrs. Udita Nabha, which is central to the claims made by both parties.

Key Arguments

Appellant’s Arguments

Mrs. Udita Nabha’s legal team, led by Mr. Utsal Anil Dalal, argued for the rightful control and management of the disputed financial account. The appellant emphasized compliance with prior court orders and highlighted the necessity of transparency in handling the account, which is pivotal for settling the claims made by the daughter and herself.

Respondent’s Arguments

Mr. Ranjeet Nabha, represented by Mr. Kunal Vaishnav and team, contended that the financial account should be managed equitably, reflecting the legitimate claims of all parties involved. The respondent stressed the need for judicial intervention to ensure fair distribution and usage of the account’s funds.

Interim Applicants’ Arguments

Ms. Naia Nabha, the interim applicant, through her counsel Mr. Rohaan Cama, argued for her rightful share of the financial assets, emphasizing her dependency and future needs. The application sought clarity and fairness in the allocation of the funds held in the disputed account.

Court’s Observations

The bench, consisting of Justices Nitin W. Sambre and Sharmila U. Deshmukh, acknowledged the complexities surrounding the financial account’s management. They noted the compliance with the previous court order, which led to the submission of a sealed envelope detailing the account’s balance and related claims. The court observed that the control of the account by Mrs. Udita Nabha necessitated a transparent and equitable approach to resolving the financial disputes.

Court’s Decision

The court directed the Registrar to open the sealed envelope and disclose the final balance amount in relation to the claims made by both the daughter and the wife. This step was aimed at providing a clear understanding of the financial status and facilitating fair adjudication of the claims. The court mandated that this action be completed within a fortnight and scheduled the next hearing for July 14, 2023, to further address the matter based on the disclosed information.


The High Court of Judicature at Bombay’s decision in the case of Mrs. Udita Nabha vs. Mr. Ranjeet Nabha underscores the importance of transparency and fairness in resolving family financial disputes. By directing the disclosure of the account balance and scheduling subsequent hearings, the court aims to ensure an equitable resolution that considers the legitimate claims of all parties involved. This case highlights the judiciary’s role in mediating complex family disputes and providing a framework for fair and just outcomes.


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