Chiranjeevi Atikuri vs Lavanya on 28 November, 2023


In the case of Chiranjeevi Atikuri vs. Lavanya, a writ petition was filed under Article 227 of the Constitution of India, seeking directions to expedite the judicial process in MC No.486/2021 before the Hon’ble Principal Family Judge, Bangalore. The petitioner, Chiranjeevi Atikuri, requested the court to conclude the proceedings within an outer limit of three months.


Chiranjeevi Atikuri, the petitioner, and Lavanya, the respondent, are husband and wife respectively. They are involved in proceedings before the Family Court in M.C. No.486/2021. The petitioner filed the writ petition due to delays in the proceedings and frequent adjournments by the Family Court.

Key Arguments

  • Petitioner’s Argument: The petitioner argued that the Family Court was delaying the proceedings and sought directions for expeditious disposal.
  • Court’s Observations: The court noted that the issue had been pending for close to three years and directed the concerned court to conclude the proceedings within six months from the date of receipt of the order.

Court’s Decision

The court disposed of the petition, directing the Family Court to conclude the proceedings within six months. Since the prayer was deemed innocuous, no notice was issued to the respondent.


The court’s decision underscores the importance of expeditious disposal of cases, particularly in family matters. The directive to conclude the proceedings within six months reflects the court’s commitment to ensuring timely justice delivery.


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