Ms. Deena Prakash Mantri vs Mr. Deepak Vijaykumar Redkar: A Comprehensive Settlement in Divorce Proceedings

The case of Ms. Deena Prakash Mantri vs Mr. Deepak Vijaykumar Redkar, decided on June 21, 2019, is a remarkable example of amicable resolution in marital disputes. This case involved an application under Section 24 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, where the applicant, Ms. Deena Prakash Mantri, sought the transfer of a divorce petition from the Family Court in Thane to Pune.


The original divorce petition, filed by Mr. Deepak Vijaykumar Redkar in Thane, was countered by Ms. Mantri with her own divorce petition in Pune. The issue at hand was the transfer of these proceedings to a single jurisdiction for convenience and efficiency.

Amicable Settlement:

In an unexpected turn of events, both parties reached an amicable settlement during the course of the proceedings. The terms of this settlement were formally admitted in court by both Ms. Mantri and Mr. Redkar and were recorded as part of the court proceedings.

Key Terms of the Consent:

  1. Divorce by Mutual Consent: The parties agreed to convert Ms. Mantri’s divorce petition in Pune into a mutual consent divorce under Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act.
  2. Withdrawal of Pending Petitions: Mr. Redkar agreed to withdraw his divorce petition in Thane and any transfer petitions related to the case.
  3. Exchange of Personal Belongings: Both parties agreed to return personal belongings to each other, ranging from electronic items to household keys.
  4. Property and Financial Arrangements: Mr. Redkar agreed to transfer his share of a jointly owned property to Ms. Mantri and to facilitate the transfer of a vehicle. Ms. Mantri, in turn, took responsibility for ongoing financial commitments related to the property.
  5. Withdrawal of Allegations and Legal Proceedings: Both parties agreed to withdraw any allegations and legal cases against each other and their family members, promising not to initiate any future legal actions related to their marriage.
  6. Non-Interference Post-Divorce: They agreed to not interfere in each other’s personal or professional lives post-divorce.
  7. Implementation of Terms Before Final Decree: The terms were to be fulfilled before the final decree in the mutual consent divorce petition.

Implications: This case is a prime example of how disputes in marital relationships can be resolved through mutual understanding and agreement, avoiding prolonged litigation. It showcases the effectiveness of consent terms in simplifying and resolving complex legal matters. The case also emphasizes the role of the legal system in facilitating such amicable settlements, ensuring that both parties’ interests are respected and upheld.

Conclusion: The resolution of the case between Ms. Deena Prakash Mantri and Mr. Deepak Vijaykumar Redkar stands as a testament to the potential of negotiated settlements in family law cases. It highlights the importance of communication, compromise, and a cooperative approach in resolving legal disputes, especially in the sensitive context of marital breakdowns.

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