Neha Bagai vs Madhav Bagai on 24 November, 2023

Neha Bagai vs Madhav Bagai


The High Court of Delhi, presided over by Justice Saurabh Banerjee, addressed a critical legal matter involving child visitation rights in the case of Neha Bagai vs. Madhav Bagai. This case presents a scenario where the petitioner sought to challenge a prior judicial decision regarding the interim visitation rights granted to the respondent.


Neha Bagai, the petitioner, appealed against the judgment dated November 7, 2023, issued by the learned Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ), Dwarka, which dismissed her appeal and upheld the interim order of a Mahila Court dated August 23, 2023. This order concerned the visitation rights of Master Daivik Bagai, allowing the respondent, Madhav Bagai, specific visitation privileges. The petitioner, represented by advocates Neha Bagai and Kashish Khurana, filed a petition under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, seeking to overturn these decisions.

Key Arguments

The petitioner’s main argument hinges on the judicial reconsideration of the interim visitation rights granted to the respondent. Although specific details of the arguments are not detailed in the available documentation, it typically involves concerns over the child’s welfare, the suitability of visitation arrangements, and possibly the respondent’s conduct or circumstances.

Court’s Observations

Justice Saurabh Banerjee granted the exemption requested in CRL.M.A. 32197/2023 connected to the case, subject to all just exceptions. This indicates a readiness to consider the petition on its merits while ensuring that all legal norms and procedural requirements are adhered to. The judge also ordered that the respondent be notified of the proceedings, ensuring that the case would be thoroughly examined with inputs from both parties.

Court’s Decision

The court directed that upon the petitioner taking the necessary steps within two weeks, notice should be issued to the respondent by all permissible modes, with a return date set for April 4, 2024. This decision underscores the court’s procedural approach in ensuring that both parties have ample opportunity to present their cases fully, with the respondent given six weeks to file a reply and the petitioner four weeks thereafter to file a rejoinder.


The case of Neha Bagai vs. Madhav Bagai is set for renotification on April 4, 2024, where the arguments and evidences will be further scrutinized. This case highlights the judiciary’s careful handling of sensitive family law issues, particularly those involving child visitation rights, ensuring that all parties have a fair opportunity to present their side of the story. The decision to allow the process to continue reflects the court’s commitment to a thorough and fair adjudication based on detailed legal and factual examination.


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