Court Application for Transfer of Marital Proceedings Swapna Amey Jadhav vs Amey Arun Jadhav on 22 March, 2021

In a recent court hearing on March 22, 2021, Swapna Amey Jadhav sought permission to move her ongoing marital case from Pune to Jalgaon. The court session took place at the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Bench at Aurangabad.

Background: Swapna Amey Jadhav, the applicant-wife, lives with her parents in Jalgaon. She has filed a Marriage Petition seeking the restoration of conjugal rights, and this case is currently under review at the Family Court in Jalgaon. On the other side, her husband, Amey Arun Jadhav, has filed a petition for the dissolution of marriage, and this case is being heard at the Family Court in Pune. The distance between Pune and Jalgaon is approximately 400 kilometers.

Reasons for Transfer: Swapna’s legal representative, Mr. M. M. Bhokarikar, argued that it’s inconvenient for Swapna to travel such a long distance, especially considering the ongoing pandemic and lockdown restrictions in some districts. Additionally, Swapna, being without an independent source of income, faces financial constraints in attending court proceedings in Pune.

Court Decision: After hearing the arguments, the court issued a notice to Amey Arun Jadhav, asking him to respond by June 21, 2021. Until the next hearing, the court ordered a stay on further proceedings related to Petition No. A-1100 of 2020, which is currently pending before the Family Court in Pune.

Conclusion: This legal development ensures that the case will be temporarily halted in Pune while awaiting a response from Amey Arun Jadhav regarding the proposed transfer of the proceedings to Jalgaon.

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