Legal Proceedings: Aarti Sharma Nee Chowdhory vs Prasant Nath Sharma

Prashant Nath Sharma v. Aarti Sharma 2016

Introduction: Legal battles often unfold in intricate ways, shaping the lives of those involved. In a significant case before the Supreme Court of India, Aarti Sharma Nee Chowdhory is in contention with Prasant Nath Sharma. This article explores the key details and proceedings of Transfer Petition (Civil) No. 1406/2016, shedding light on the court’s orders and the evolving nature of the case.

Background: The legal saga commenced on September 19, 2016, when the case was first called for hearing before Hon’ble Mr. Justice V. Gopala Gowda and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel. At this juncture, the court issued notice, and a stay on further proceedings in M.J.Petition No.A.2175 of 2016 was implemented. This petition, titled “Prasant Nath Sharma v. Aarti Sharma nee Chowdhory,” was pending before the Family Court at Bandra (Mumbai), Maharashtra.

The subsequent hearing on November 15, 2016, witnessed the appearance of Mr. Ambhoj Kumar Sinha and Mr. Pramod Sharma as counsel for the petitioner, Aarti Sharma Nee Chowdhory. The court, led by Registrar Mr. Pawan Dev Kotwal, directed Ms. V. Susheatha, representing Mr. P.V. Yogeswaran, Advocate-on-record and the sole respondent, to file a Vakalatnama and counter affidavit within four weeks. The case was scheduled for another hearing on January 11, 2017.

Latest Developments: Fast forward to January 11, 2017, when the court granted the sole respondent, Prasant Nath Sharma, a final opportunity of four weeks to file a counter affidavit. Notably, the court mandated the listing of the matter before the Hon’ble Court immediately after this period, regardless of whether the counter affidavit was filed or not. This decision signaled that further opportunities were deemed to be declined.

Conclusion: The legal battle between Aarti Sharma Nee Chowdhory and Prasant Nath Sharma unfolds with its own complexities and twists. As the Supreme Court closely monitors the case, the parties involved navigate the legal intricacies in pursuit of resolution. The dynamics of the proceedings provide a glimpse into the challenges and proceedings inherent in such legal disputes.

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