Mrs. Yogita Vasant Pardeshi vs Mr. Vasant Kisanrao Pardeshi on 6 July, 2021


In the case of Mrs. Yogita Vasant Pardeshi vs Mr. Vasant Kisanrao Pardeshi, the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, presided over by Justice Nitin W. Sambre, addressed a motion for the transfer of divorce proceedings from the Family Court at Aurangabad to Nashik.


Mrs. Yogita Vasant Pardeshi, the applicant, sought the transfer of the divorce case initiated by her husband, which was pending in Aurangabad, to Nashik. This request was part of a broader legal strategy to consolidate her ongoing legal battles, which included proceedings under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and other related legal matters, all centralized in Nashik.

Key Arguments:

The applicant’s primary argument was based on the need for procedural efficiency and personal convenience, highlighting that multiple related proceedings were already being held in Nashik. On the other hand, Mr. Vasant Kisanrao Pardeshi, the respondent, through his counsel Mr. Kamlesh Ghumre, argued against the transfer. He emphasized the logistical difficulties and personal hardship he would face if required to travel from Washim to Nashik, especially considering the advanced stage of the proceedings in Aurangabad, which were at the cross-examination phase.

Court’s Observations:

Justice Sambre considered the arguments from both sides, focusing particularly on the need to avoid multiplicity of proceedings and the convenience of the parties involved. The judge noted the importance of centralizing related legal actions to minimize judicial redundancy and facilitate smoother proceedings for all parties involved.

Court’s Decision:

The court decided in favor of the applicant, Mrs. Yogita Vasant Pardeshi, granting the transfer of the divorce proceedings to Nashik. This decision was influenced by the broader context of multiple related cases already being processed in Nashik, aligning with the principle of judicial efficiency and reduced hardship for the applicant.


The decision to transfer the divorce proceedings from Aurangabad to Nashik in the case of Mrs. Yogita Vasant Pardeshi vs Mr. Vasant Kisanrao Pardeshi highlights the judiciary’s flexibility in accommodating the logistical and personal challenges faced by litigants. It underscores the court’s commitment to ensuring that legal processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible, thus promoting fairness and reducing unnecessary burdens on the parties involved.


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